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Matthew S. Ferrante, CPA

(213) 576-1829

Matthew Ferrante, CPA

Mr. Ferrante has experience with matters in the following areas: lost earnings associated with defamation, discrimination, wrongful termination, wrongful death, and personal injury; lost profits associated with breach of contract, business interruption, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and malpractice claims; damages associated with trademark, trade dress, copyright infringement, false advertising, and unfair business practice claims; forensic investigations in matters of fraud or misappropriation; bankruptcy and insolvency matters; trust and estate matters; profit participation and royalty disputes; and shareholder and partnership disputes. His industry experience includes construction, real estate development and management, financial services, retail, manufacturing, entertainment, and healthcare.

Mr. Ferrante earned a B.A. in Economics-Accounting and History from Claremont McKenna College.