Intellectual Property ( Patent, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Dress, Trade Secrets)

F&M provides detailed analysis of complex intellectual property matters – from liability and causation issues to the determination of damages and prejudgment interest. F&M capabilities span a wide range of intellectual property issues with significant experience in:

– Patent infringement — including lost profits, reasonable royalty, Georgia-Pacific analysis, price erosion, design-around feasibility, accelerated market entry, patent pooling and royalty stacking.
– Trademark, Trade Dress and Copyright infringement — including unjust enrichment, profit apportionment attributable to the infringement and corrective advertising.
– Trade Secret Misappropriation — including causation analysis, head-start damages, price erosion, unjust enrichment, lost profits and reasonable royalty and apportionment.

F&M has distinguished its intellectual property practice by combining the expertise of top economic, business and accounting professionals with a wide breadth of industry experience.